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TransMIT Gesellschaft für Technologietransfer mbH
Kerkrader Straße 3
35394 Gießen
T +49 (0)641/943 64-12
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Dr. Peter Stumpf

18.04.2017 - TA04842
Hydrophobic ionic liquids

The present invention provides novel, hydrophobic ionic liquids and production methods thereof. The liquids comprise salts of fluorinated imide anions which can be produced quantitatively and anhydrously. The salts of the hydrophobic ionic liquid are slightly basic and more stable in the form of free ions in contrast to the previously known imide anions. The hydrophobic ionic liquid are able to dissolve substances that are normally difficult to bring into solution with conventional organic solvents.

Further information: PDF [312 KB]
Development status: Prototype
Author: Dr. Peter Stumpf