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TechnologieAllianz now a member of ATTP

TechnologieAllianz: the commercialization network for German academic inventions

TechnologieAllianz combines patent marketing agencies and technology transfer agencies in a single network – a nationwide association representing more than 200 scientific institutions with over 100,000 scientists. TechnologieAllianz offers professional technology transfer at the interface between science and marketplace. The association provides enterprises with access to the entire range of evaluated and patented research results from German universities and research institutions.

TechnologieAllianz and its members have developed a line of customer-oriented services to make German high-tech inventions available to start-ups, SMEs and large companies. A broad scope of interesting inventions can be found at www.technologieallianz.de. All inventions (the current portfolio amounts to 2,000) are centrally accessible, their property rights have been professionally secured, and they have been prepared in a customer-oriented manner. Moreover, about 120 innovation managers with proven market and industry expertise are available to provide support. TechnologieAllianz also offers the Invention Store, a free automatic e-mail service for cutting edge inventions from German research. Interested companies can register at www.inventionstore.de with their profile of interests and will then receive free of charge notifications about technology offers newly uploaded to the database which match their requests.

Additionally, TechnologieAllianz and its members are striving towards increasing the IP awareness of scientists by offering technology transfer/knowledge trainings (primarily in the IP and commercialization fields).

To strengthen the network and exchange ideas and experience, TechnologieAllianz has developed collaborations with several national and international networks. TechnologieAllianz is therefore absolutely delighted to become a member of the Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals (ATTP). As expressed by Klaus Kobek, Board member of TechnologieAllianz, “this new membership will provide a decisive contribution to the recognition and registration of tech transfer professionals in Germany and support TechnologieAllianz to continue to professionalize people working in this key field.”


TechnologieAllianz e.V.
Main office
c/o PROvendis GmbH
Schlossstr. 11-15
D-45468 Muelheim an der Ruhr / Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 208 94 15 89 70
Fax:     +49 (0) 208 94 10 55 0

Sources: ATTP Newsletter, July 2013, Issue No. 13

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